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Hardscape Mentor is an online learning platform dedicated to helping you improve your skills and grow your business. Our platform offers a wide range of training resources, including video tutorials & courses, a private Facebook community, monthly webinars, coaching calls, and much more.

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"Being a part of Hardscape Mentor is a game-changer for anyone doing hardscape work. Dan & Luke lead this group with one goal in mind… to make us all better at what we do!"

-Martha H.

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Dive into a comprehensive video training library that's continually expanding and advance your hardscape projects to the next level. Impress your clients with your newfound knowledge and skills, and take your business to new heights of success.

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Upgrade to our Elite Membership for exclusive access to our private Facebook community, where you can connect with and learn from like-minded hardscapers. Each month, our Elite members come together via Zoom to delve into a range of topics, ask questions, and gain insights from their peers in the group.

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Matt S.

My favorite part of Hardscape Mentor is the video platform they offer! The classes and tutorials are top notch!

Yorkis E.

My favorite benefit has to be the access to so much practical and useful information, alongside being part of an amazing community of like minded individuals!

Hunter L.

This group truly has stepped up my game!

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"Hardscape Mentor is such a valuable resource for anyone in the industry who wants to improve their craft and take their work to the next level"

-Bryan R.

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Joel D.

You bringing this platform to everybody, that's something that wasn't here when I started... it's elevating everything, it's next level

Shane R.

Being in this group, I'm learning the right techniques, the right way.

Ben D.

Being a part of the group and all the great people around you, it's really easy to learn.

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